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Mining. Positive-displacement pumps by NETZSCH have been used for decades reliably in the demanding mining industry. The diverse substances handled in mining include. Mining Industry Pump, Wholesale Various High Quality Mining Industry Pump Products from Global Mining Industry Pump Suppliers and Mining Industry Pump . We are experts in pump equipment for the mining industry, selling & servicing across Australia. We'll answer your questions & have stock ready to deliver.
Detailed news coverage of the Mining Services industry, including contract mining, explosive, pumps and more. Mining and Mineral Processing Pumps Supplier of Choice to the Mining Industry and multistage pumps and reciprocating plunger pumps. Process Water Mining. Mining. Positive-displacement pumps by NETZSCH have been used for decades reliably in the demanding mining industry. The diverse substances handled in mining include. Mining Industry Pump, Wholesale Various High Quality Mining Industry Pump Products from Global Mining Industry Pump Suppliers and Mining Industry Pump . We are experts in pump equipment for the mining industry, selling & servicing across Australia. We'll answer your questions & have stock ready to deliver.

Cornell has delivered dependable, reliable, pumps for mining industry, and efficient dewatering pumps for decades. Our pumps are up to the toughest challenge, whether it’s coarse abrasives, rapidly-changing water levels, pumps for mining industry, high head requirements or a combination of factors. Our products are used successfully in long wall, traditional pier and beam, pit, and strip mining applications.

On Mining pumps, the unique pushed-out rectangular design features of the Cornell frame will let you know it is Cornell pump.

The innovative features of Cornell pumps have real benefits in mining applications.

  • The pumps for mining industry sealing system works to keep grit and abrasives away from the seal area, extending seal life and reducing maintenance.
  • Cornell Run-Dry system protects your pump when running in a dry condition, due to loss of prime.
  • Redi-Prime adds automatic priming and re-priming to pumps in all types of applications.
  • Double Volutes on pumps balances pressure on volute walls to achieve higher heads and lessen stress on the pump shaft, bearings and seals.
  • Pumps available in CD4MCuare more abrasion-resistant and have improve solids handling.

SP-Series Pumps

Cornell’s SP Series Slurry pump brings patented Cycloseal® technology to the mining process industry. Adding to the diverse range of mine dewatering pumps, The SP Series Slurry pump offers a Cornell solution to abrasive applications throughout the mill process. Available in rubber and metal lined configuration to handle various particle sizes, and pH requirements.

MP-Series Pumps

MP-Series Pumps are designed to handle coarse abrasives while providing robust service life in a slurry pump. Cornell Pump Company’s MP Mining Pump Series combines 70 years of innovation in pump manufacturing and design, with our highly regarded patented Cycloseal® technology. Offering high operating pumps for mining industry, the MP pumps are specifically designed for coarse abrasive slurry applications such as sand, gravel, coal, manure, and mine dewatering. The oversize shafts, thick volutes, pumps for mining industry, CD4MCA impellers, and other features allow it to operate in harsh conditions longer than a standard slurry pump.

The MP series incorporates the unique pushed-out rectangular design features of the Cornell frame, letting you know it is quality Cornell pump.

SM-Series Pumps

The SM series are hard metal slurry pumps.  All SM pumps have a standard pressure rating of 600 PSI for high head and multistage series pumping applications.  High chrome white iron alloy is the standard material of construction for all wet end components. A unique adjustable suction wear plate incorporates the newly patented Cycloguard feature to reduce recirculation for longer wear life.

Look for pumps for mining industry distinctive appearance SM Pump, with the angular, muscular frame, to know it’s a high quality Cornell pump.

MX-Series Pumps

Designed to handle high head applications, MX pumps are used in many mining, agricultural, and industrial dewatering applications due to their long service life and suction lift capabilities. The high head MX Series pumps have multi-vane, enclosed impellers designed for industry leading efficiency, and are available in a horizontal frame & SAE engine mounted configurations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 25 feet of suction lift
  • Heads to 800 feet
  • Flows to 8,000 GPM
  • Extra heavy wall thickness
  • High quality construction
  • Robust Mount Frame with mounting surfaces
  • CA6NM impellers

N-Series Solids Handling Pumps

Cornell’s N-series solids handling pumps are available in discharge sizes from 1.25″ to 30″, and are designed to handle difficult solids handling applications. A range of mounting configurations are available, from close-coupled, SAE engine-mount, and horizontal frame-mount, to vertical and vertical coupled.  Featuring enclosed impeller (2” to 10” solids, and flows up 40,000GPM), N-series can also be fitted with a delta impeller to handle stringy materials, rags, etc. Robust and reliable, the N-series has more than 30 years of service as a waste-water handling favorite of the industry.

Self-Priming Pumps

Cornell’s popular self-priming series pumps are the most efficient in the industry. Combined with our patented-Cycloseal® back plate technology, these pumps are durable, powerful, and energy efficient.

Durable, reliable, and easy to maintain, the STX, STH, and STL self-priming pumps are an excellent option for many applications including waste water, pumps for mining industry, slurry, and water transfer.

CD4MCu Pumps

CD4MCu is a stainless steel with corrosion resistance equal to or better than 316 SS, but with double the yield strength. It’s a duplex (two phase) stainless steel, while common grades of stainless steel, such as 316, are single phase, pumps for mining industry. This provides the corrosion resistance of 300 series stainless steel with the strength and hardness of 400 series stainless steel. CD4MCu allows pumps to be used in more abrasive applications with better resistance to corrosive cracking and pitting.  Features include:

  • Corrosion and pitting resistance
  • Higher strength than standard grades of stainless steel
  • Improved ductility and weldability
  • Better resistance to embrittlement

Mining - NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

We are experts in pump equipment for the mining industry, selling & servicing across Australia. We'll answer your questions & have stock ready to deliver. Find all the manufacturers of pump for the mining industry and contact them directly on DirectIndustry. Page 2. Importer of pumps in Australia reveals various uses of different pumps in the mining industry. Safe product handling for mining. Watson-Marlow and Bredel hose pumps are self-priming and can run dry indefinitely without the need for protection. They offer. Verder pumps suitable for the toughest environments Case studies from world leading customers 50 years of experience in the field. ANDRITZ supplies submersible motor pumps and submersible motors for industrial applications and processes in the mining sector.

Grundfos offers mining companies a true partnership, with an organisational setup and expertise to meet your every requirement for a reliable pump solution. ANDRITZ supplies submersible motor pumps and submersible motors for industrial applications and processes in the mining sector. ANDRITZ supplies submersible motor pumps and submersible motors for industrial applications and processes in the mining sector.

Fast-paced developments at Prieska benefit all stakeholders

By: Robyn Wilkinson     15th December 2017 Australian minerals explorer Orion Minerals’ activity at the Prieska zinc/copper mine present an “unparalleled” value creation opportunity for investors and shareholders while promoting and supporting critical socioeconomic development in the Northern Cape, says Orion Minerals MD Errol Smart.  →

Increasing demand for variable-speed drives

By: Simone Liedtke     24th November 2017 Following the successful commissioning of two MoviDrive B ventilation and air conditioning variable-speed drives (VSDs) at an underground mine in the North-West, in South Africa, drive engineering specialist SEW-Eurodrive South Africa will commission an additional four of its MoviDrive B drives... →

DISTINGUISHED DRIVE The purpose-built LTP-B Eco HVAC drive can be set for different parameters such as fan or pump control

Relays assist with cable-theft detection

By: Simone Liedtke     24th November 2017 Mining system solutions supplier Becker Mining South Africa’s Proloc and ProBeck electronic protection and control relays have been designed for motor protection, as well as cable-theft detection, in diverse industries, including ventilation and cooling applications in mining and quarrying. →

PROTECT AND SERVE The Proloc and ProBeck relays are programmed to detect cable theft by identifying a change in electrical impedance of a cable

Flexible couplings able to withstand extreme mining conditions

     17th November 2017 Manufactured by global bearings manufacturer The Timken Company, parts distributor Bearing Man Group’s (BMG’s) Quick-Flex couplings are able to withstand the most extreme mining conditions, including temperatures as high as 100 ˚C. The Timken Quick-Flex couplings, which require minimal... →

FLEXIBLE APPLICATION The Quick-Flex coupling’s design makes it suitable for high-speed, low-torque, excessive-vibration drives, to a low-speed, high-torque applications

Equipment maintenance, repair products showcased

By: Dylan Slater     10th November 2017 Adhesives technology company Henkel South Africa hosted its first conference – Repair and Protect Your Mine with Loctite Conference and Exhibition – to showcase ways in which its products could be used in the mining industry to maintain, repair, protect and prolong the life span of equipment.  →

Modular Reflux Classifier launched

By: Mia Breytenbach     10th November 2017 Minerals and cement industry equipment and services supplier FLSmidth has officially launched its modular Reflux Classifier (RC) plant, which is suitable for fines gravity separation applications. This integrated engineered modular solution is based on a fundamental component – FLSmidth’s... →

Photo by Duane Daws
DEON DE KOCK With this modular plant, we can really live our vision by delivering that extra value

South Africa spending less than its peers on mining research and development

By: Mia Breytenbach     20th October 2017 While South Africa had increased its investment in mining research and development (R&D) since 2014, the country’s investment was still below that of its peers, delegates heard during a panel discussion on ‘Technological Innovation and Advancements in the Mining Industry’ at the Joburg Indaba... →

Atlas Copco

     20th October 2017 A world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, Atlas Copco is characterised by focused businesses, a global presence with direct sales and service, a strong, stable and growing service business, professional people and an asset-light and flexible manufacturing setup. “We are... →

Product tackles inclement conditions, improves productivity

By: Nadine James     13th October 2017 One of the biggest challenges facing the mining industry with regard to its motors, gear drives and belt drives is protection from adverse weather conditions and the resulting ingress of dust and moisture, says pumps manufacturer Australian Pumps, commonly known as Aussie Pumps. “In the Pilbara,... →

COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION Envelop covers protect key assets from dust, corrosion, heat and ultraviolet light, reducing the cost of maintenance

Metso’s Vereeniging factory celebrates 60 years of service  

By: Ilan Solomons     6th October 2017 This year marks 60 years since global engineering and technology corporation Metso's factory in Vereeniging was established. The factory became part of the Metso group in 1970 and has played "a crucial role" not only in the South African, but also the African mining industry. →

Metso Southern Africa sales and service VP Qasim Abrahams discusses the significance of the company's Vereeniging operations sixtieth anniversary and its continued commitment to South Africa and servicing the Southern African market

Offshore capital equipment markets come in handy amid ‘turmoil’ in domestic mining sector

By: Dylan Slater     29th September 2017 South African capital equipment manufacturers that are exporting, and which have survived the ongoing turmoil in the mining industry and domestic economic environment, have showed resilience and bear testament to the lifeline provided through exporting products and not relying solely on sales... →

Peristaltic pumps key in war on water wastage

     15th September 2017 Peristaltic pumps use less water, with traditional centrifugal pumps losing efficiency when the slurry has a specific gravity (SG) of 1.3, or 30% solids, or more. Peristaltic pumps can efficiently circulate slurry with SGs of up to 1.6 to 1.8, or up to 80% solid content.  Pumps supplier Verder... →

SAVE ON WATER On a plant processing slurry at 75 t/h with 65% solids, every time a peristaltic pump replaces a process slurry pump, more than 1 100-million litres of water is saved every year

Peristaltic pumps operating at Zambian mines

By: Simone Liedtke     15th September 2017 Randburg-based industrial equipment supplier Verder Pumps’ Verderflex (VF) 125 peristaltic pump is in operation at mining company Kansanshi Mining’s Zambia-based Kansanshi copper mine and is undergoing testing at two other Zambian mines, as well as mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.... →

VERDERFLEX 125 The peristaltic pump is in operation at the Kansanshi copper mine

Call to mining to update refrigerant systems

     15th September 2017 While the majority of the mining industry use hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in its refrigerant systems, these ozone-depleting substances are set to be phased-out in accordance with the Montreal Protocol and Kigali Agreement. →

Combination of factors influence pumps’ life cycles

     15th September 2017 It is important to frequently monitor the operation of pumping systems; however, the initial manufacturing of a pump, as well as its installation, are as important, explains South African pumps industry body the South African Pump Manufacturers’ Association (Sapma). →

PUMPS MAINTENANCE Routine mechanical maintenance, along with other factors, significantly improves a pump’s reliability

Distributor expands pumps offering with Italian range

By: Victor Moolman     15th September 2017 Pumps supplier Packaged Metering & Pumping Solutions (PMPS) has added Rotho peristaltic pumps from Italian pumps manufacturer Ragazzini to its South African product offering. “We see huge opportunity to supply peristaltic pumps to projects in neighbouring countries,” PMPS MD David O’Neill tells... →

PAINLESS UPKEEP The maintenance of peristaltic pumps is simple and can be done on site

Five new pumps supplied to Limpopo platinum mine

     15th September 2017 Supplier of mining system solutions Becker Mining South Africa has supplied five hydro solids (HS) slurry pumps to a new furnace slag granulation process plant at a platinum mine in Limpopo ahead of schedule. →

New range of drives available to SA market

     15th September 2017 Electrical solutions provider Magnet Group introduced a new range of variable-speed drives (VSDs) last month, the Altivar Easy 610, which improve equipment performance and reduce operating costs by optimising energy consumption, the company explains. →

DIVERSE USE The Altivar Easy 610 variable-speed drives can be used in a diverse range of environments

Pumps offer suitable for minimal lubricity

     15th September 2017 Engineering components supplier BMG’s SF series of Steimel lubricant and feed gear pumps, introduced four years ago, is used mainly on oil lubrication systems in mines, steel works, power stations and in general industry. →

WIDE REACH A wide area across Africa is supported by BMG, where the company supplies maintenance and repairs

Simulation software helps improve pump system efficiency

By: Victor Moolman     15th September 2017 The Pumpsim pumping simulation software package uses three-dimensional (3D) models that identify the location of weak points in pumps systems and where greater pressure is required to improve efficiency, explains consulting services Chasm Consulting Australia director Craig Stewart. →

Photo by Victor Moolman
ACCURATE MODELING Pumpsim enables mining companies can build a network of pipes, channels, pumps, tanks, valves and sprays to simulate flows and pressures of liquids, slurries and many other fluids

Submersible pump that can run dry a safer option

By: Victor Moolman     15th September 2017 The Hippo submersible pumps range from Centurion-based slurry pumping solutions provider Hazleton Pumps can operate without water for an unlimited amount of time, explains Hazleton Pumps MD Thys Wehmeyer. →

LARGE PLAYER Hazleton has supplied some of the largest submersible pumps in the world

Supplier expanding new pump’s footprint in Australian market

     15th September 2017 Heavy-duty pumps solutions company Pump & Abrasion Technologies (PAT) Australia introduced its new Curve range of slurry pumps at the Aimex mining show, in Sydney, to the New South Wales mining community, following the company’s success with the product in South Africa. →

Systems water intensive, but more efficient and environment friendly 

By: Victor Moolman     15th September 2017 Although ultrahigh-pressure water blasting systems used to clean refineries or cut rock and prepare surfaces on mines will not save water, it is more efficient than using acid washing or abrasive grit blasting techniques, says water jetting solutions provider Total Blasting sales director Bradley... →

Total Blasting sales director Bradley Storer explains what ultrahigh-pressure water blasting systems are used for. Video: Victor Moolman. Editing: Lionel da Silva.

Metso showcases ongoing commitment to servicing South African mining sector 

By: Ilan Solomons     13th September 2017 This year marks 60 years since global engineering and technology corporation Metso's factory in Vereeniging was established. The factory became part of the Metso group in 1970 and has played "a crucial role" not only in the South African, but also the African mining industry. →

Metso Southern Africa sales and service VP Qasim Abrahams discusses the significance of the company's Vereeniging operations sixtieth anniversary and its continued commitment to South Africa and servicing the Southern African market.

Resource exports boost mining equipment

By: Marleny Arnoldi     11th August 2017 The mining industry is Australia’s prime driver of export growth, says pumps and pressure cleaners manufacturer Australian Pump Industries, commonly known as Aussie Pumps.  →

FOCUSED SOLUTIONS Aussie Pumps caters to Australia’s tough occupational health and safety rules, and site culture that is aimed at preventing injury to mineworkers

Hydropower – what the industry needs now

By: Marleny Arnoldi     21st July 2017 The contraction in the South African mining industry has resulted in many projects and expansions stalling in recent years, with mines having closed or scaled back on capital and operational expenditure.  →

HOLY WATER Existing hydropower technology can deliver significant increases in productivity, reduced operational and maintenance costs, and up to 80% less energy consumption than pneumatic drills

Mining Indaba offering new junior zone, boosting interface opportunities 

By: Martin Creamer     4th July 2017 Strong new thrusts are planned for next year’s Investing in African Mining Indaba, which is scheduled to take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from February 5 to 8, once again to support investment in mining companies operating in Africa and to provide an effective platform... →

Investing in African Mining Indaba MD Alex Grose outlines to Mining Weekly Online’s Martin Creamer the major new focus on junior miner involvement. Video and Video Editing: Lionel da Silva.

Outsourced maintenance strategy recommended

     23rd June 2017 Increasingly plant owners are looking to outsource the major elements of equipment maintenance to improve reliability and limit downtime, reports rotating equipment maintenance and repair service provider Sulzer.  →

JIM MUGFORD At the end of the day, customers are looking for service providers who possess the expertise, tools and technology to make sure their machines are running reliably, efficiently and cost effectively

Stator introduced for reduced energy and maintenance costs

     16th June 2017 Solutions provider for difficult pumping applications Netzsch Pumps North America has introduced the iFD-Stator 2.0, which it says combines efficiency, economy and environmental safety in one system. Featuring a two-part, reusable stator housing and replaceable stator, the iFD-Stator 2.0 is... →

NEXT GENERATION The new housing concept of the iFD-Stator 2.0 is easier to handle than the previous generation and delivers a longer service life

New speed control product for pumps, compressors

     16th June 2017 The first member of a new product family in the field of speed control for compressors and pumps, the VECO-Drive, combines the reliability of mechanical gears with the productivity of low-voltage, variable-frequency drives (VFDs). Introduced by intelligent drive solutions, systems and... →

EFFECTIVE COMBINATION The VECO-Drive, which combines a mechanical planetary gear with a frequency controlled servo motor, reduces energy consumption by more than 2 000 MWh/y

‘Solid’ industry employing survival strategies

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     16th June 2017 Independent process industry consultant Santosh Gunpath is cautiously optimistic about the future of the South African mining pumps industry. “There is no definitive direction for this sector, with companies following a wait-and-see approach while keeping costs to a minimum.” →

GROWTH POTENTIAL While the stability, progress and growth of the mining pumps industry lies predominantly in maintaining its existing installed base, potential does exist for growth in other areas

Opportunities to be had in pumps industry

By: Tasneem Bulbulia     16th June 2017 There are a myriad of opportunities in the pumps industry to develop it, propel its growth and improve efficiency, avers independent process industry consultant Santosh Gunpath. A potential area of development in the mining pumps industry lies in the better understanding and the holistic use of... →

OLD HAT Pumping technology is fairly old, with an understanding of underlying engineering principles well entrenched, and is only expanded on when a need arises

Company aims to solve Africa’s challenges with Aussie solutions

     16th June 2017 Pumps and pressure cleaners producer Australian Pump Industries, commonly known as Aussie Pumps, has been actively looking to the African continent for distribution outlets, says MD Warwick Lorenz. Australian Pump Industries, located in Sydney’s Norwest “Silicon Valley” area, operates a... →

Photo by Bloomberg
CONTINENTAL COUPLING Australian Pump Industries believes its experience in Australia can be applied to projects in Africa

Pretoria company to service, supply new pumps range

     16th June 2017 Mechanical seals, rotating and engineering protection, and sealing equipment supplier Mechanical Rotating Solutions (MRS), situated in Pretoria, has been appointed as a service and product supplier of global pumps manufacturer KSB Pumps & Valves.    KSB boasts an annual sales revenue of almost... →

PRODUCT ACCESS Mechanical Rotating Solutions will be granted access to the full range of original-equipment manufactured in Germany by KSB Pumps & Valves

JV contract secured to desilt acid ponds

     16th June 2017 Industrial pump rental service provider Integrated Pump Rental, in a joint venture (JV) with supplier and service provider of equipment to mining and allied industries EC Mining, has secured a contract to desilt four acid ponds at a copper mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This... →

CAUSE AND EFFECT Acid ponds and dams that have become silted have serious repercussions for a mining operation

Pump tackles acidic liquids containing solids

     16th June 2017 Centurion-based pumps manufacturer Hazleton Pumps has introduced a high-volume, high-head, medium- and/or high-voltage range of Hippo submersible slurry pumps manufactured from specialised material capable of pumping acidic liquids containing solids at high heads. The company says the success of... →

PUMP INSPIRATION The design of the high-volume, high-head, medium- and/or high-voltage Hippo pump follows the success of the submersible slurry pump developed for export to the oil sands mines at Fort McMurray, in Alberta, Canada

Solution suited to harsh African mining conditions

     16th June 2017 South African vacuum and pressure equipment filters and spares supplier Air and Vacuum Technologies recommends its representee Price Pumps’ T15 and T20 air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps for applications in the harsh African mining industry. The company, based in Midrand, Gauteng, notes... →

T15 PUMP The pump is fully interchangeable with another market-leading brand and also shares identical dimensions and interchangeable spare parts

Vortex slurry sump pumps range expanded

     16th June 2017 Centurion-based pumps manufacturer Hazleton Pumps has expanded its range of Hippo vortex slurry sump pumps that address blockages at coal processing plants. The company points to continuous enquiries from customers for sump pumps capable of handling larger solids as well as pumping at higher... →


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